Replace the callipers with new technology. 

We capture your body in 3D, evaluating your full body shape and body composition. This allows our coaches to set targets whether here at MVMT42 or with your trainer at another facility. The process is much less invasive than callipers and much more accurate.  There is a ton of added value in a 3D scan, including health markers, bone density, body size measurements and calorie planning.


Track baseline metrics - not weight. 

Don’t get discouraged by their in-home weight scale, there is a difference between body fat and weight. Most clients are focused on fat, so its a measurement of fat you need - not weight! We demonstrate where fat is being lost by digitally measuring the waist and other essential body data. 

The first scan gives you a baseline, but the real power comes from repeat scans, as we can look at trend lines across the whole body, from lean mass increases to hip measurement decreases. Most clients are focused on fat loss, so of course this too can be compared with previous scans. 


Be precise

Our scanner uses known circumference methods to measure body fat directly from your waist, hip, and other girth measurements. No need to schedule an expensive hydrostatic weighing or a DXA scan. The scan is a precise and reliable way to calculate lean and fat mass. We also take a look at posture alignment, left, right imbalance and hip position which helps in providing personalised training plans around structural alignment.


Personalise fitness goals to meet your needs.

We use the scanner and the technology around your scan to set achievable fitness targets. We program in the amount of classes you planning to complete here at MVMT42 or at home, working backwards to then predict a time frame of when your fitness challenge may be completed by. 

If you are chasing a time frame you can see what impact extra classes will towards your goals.


Caloric Intake.

The scan calculates benchmarks we use to give a calorie expenditure. This is tied in with your fitness plans, so we know exactly the calorie burn you are expecting and can make sure the right weight comes off safely. 

We then give guidelines on food choices and macronutrient breakdowns that fit your calorie intake so you walk out with a plan of action.




Who would benefit from a 3D Body Scan?

Anyone wishing to see the impact their diet and training is having on their body shape. Your 'new' body can be placed on top of the 'old' one, so you can see exactly where the changes have occurred

The Styku body scanner will also calculate the number of workouts you need to do alongside a nutritional programme to reach your fat loss goals. Movement is fundamental to good health and fitness and will increase your energy levels a thousand-fold.  Nothing is more inspiring than knowing exactly what you need to put in place in order to reach your goals.



Each scan costs £40 but is included in some memberships here at MVMT42. Both members and guests can request a scan.