"Over the last 12 weeks, I have literally pushed boundaries in training I didn’t know I was capable of." - Lucy

We asked Lucy a few questions about her training here at MVMT42. 

How did you hear about MVMT42? 

My sister has always been into Crossfit training so when I moved into the area I literally googled local CrossFit gyms and there you guys were half a mile from my new house!!

What was your fitness background before joining? 

I was on what I would call a fitness break/hibernation. I had my Pacemaker inserted 2years ago and since then I had been a bit nervous about working out. I have always loved a challenge and have enjoyed running. I have completed 2 marathons, a couple of half marathons and countless 10 and 5km races. When I found out I needed a pacemaker I was in the early stages of training for a half ironman race. I am very ambitious with training and always pushing to achieve what others perceive as impossible.

What is your fitness goal in the next 12 weeks and what have you achieved in the past 12 weeks?

My fitness goal for the next 12 weeks are a work in progress but definitely working more on my Olympic lifts, working on more conditioning and strength work to support some light running in the spring/summer.

Over the last 12 weeks, I have literally pushed boundaries in training I didn’t know I was capable of. I have really progressed with my Snatch working heavily on the mechanics. I have hit huge numbers in my testing week including 80kg deadlift, 60kg back squat and strict press 30kg (these were the hardest to hit lol). I have hit my nutrition hard and lost body fat and gained more lean muscle, I have lost inches off my waist and am 2 sizes smaller in clothes.

How is the process of working with a coach for the first time?

It is great! It wasn’t scary in fact it is brilliant to get feedback which is real-time and specific to my individual strengths and weaknesses.

How does our model of Fitbot and online coaching differ from other gyms and personal trainers?

Fitbot not only allows you to check in anywhere and see your weekly program, you can look back at your progress and when I am having a bad day this is where the Fitbot app comes into its own and really motivates me. I have found that it creates accountability to my training which is something a paper program in a regular gym doesn’t give you. The individual videos are very helpful as there are so many different exercises it can get confusing if you haven’t done something for a while. I love getting feedback on my program and I get a real buzz looking over my program for the week ahead!

With the pressures of your job, how does James workaround your schedule? 

So James is honestly the best coach you could ask for! He understands the pressures of my job. I PT with him once a week and if I have a heavy week coming up he tries to program around this which is a huge help. He is pretty accepting of my inner perfectionist and we are channelling this into Olympic lifting.

With the pressures of your job, how does Kat workaround your schedule? 

The nutrition plan has changed my life!! It isn’t a diet and it is flexible! Kat has shown me that getting your nutrition right will actually fuel my busy life. I work horrible 13hour shifts both days and nights. Kat has meticulously planned out a nutrition schedule that means I don’t have huge fasting periods but it balances my intake so I don’t gain weight on my nights.  

What would you say to other shift workers or people with a busy schedule that 'don't have time for the gym?

You’re lying to yourself!! I work 40+ hour weeks which include very unsocial hours, I am a full-time student studying for my Master in Advanced Critical Care Practice, I am planning for a wedding, I am renovating my hovel of a house and amongst all that I am trying to hold down a life! Training keeps me sane! It is the highlight of my day. I always say ‘I am going to train at this time’ not ‘I might be able to train’. Might turns into maybe which turns into tomorrow. I decided that Individual training was the way to go as it gave me complete flexibility, I have increased accountability and I have seen more gains in 3 months of training at MVMT42 then I have seen in years of slaving at conventional gyms. Training here is fun and it is different, the environment is as inspiring as all the coaches here. Don’t make excuses, talk to the coaches and explore the many options available to you to hit those goals that you want. That’s what I did and I am not looking back!!  




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