"Immediately I could see how friendly everyone at MVMT42 was" - Jaynie

Jaynie is fairly new in her fitness journey here at MVMT42. She started out in our 1-1 elements program before graduating into our CrossFit program. Now, after 6 months of CrossFit Jaynie has stepped into the world of individual program design, we are focusing on power and strength in her next phase of training. 


We interviewed Jaynie to see how her journey is progressing. What was it about her program that keeps her progressing? What is it that keeps her coming back? 


The photo below shows Jaynie training in our dedicated Olympic Lifting room. As she works through drills with a light bar, next to her is a 3x world record holder, one of our coaches Jacob. Individual program design is for everyone - from the new lifter like Jaynie to the experienced athlete. 



What was your fitness history before MVMT42?

Before coming to MVMT42 I had noticed my general fitness and energy levels lowering. I had done a bit of running and played football for a team in the past. After I quit football I was looking for something to replace that void of having a social sport to look forward to.

When I first heard about MVMT42 I had not a clue what Crossfit was! I'd never lifted a barbell, and can't say I even knew how to squat properly. Usually I'd felt intimidated in conventional gyms and shy away from the weight areas for fear of doing something wrong. 

Immediately I could see how friendly everyone at MVMT42 was, staff and members included. Everyone seemed to genuinely enjoy coming to the classes and it was really contagious. 


What has happened to your fitness since joining?

Upon joining and starting crossfit classes my fitness has drastically improved. I've lost weight in places I'd grown conscious of, my energy levels have risen and I'm most proud of my posture straightening out. 


What would you say to people thinking of joining MVMT42?

I would highly recommend anyone who's looking for something new, and wanting to really feel what a good community feels like to just come and experience the place. Before you know it you'll be addicted! 

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