"I've seen a huge improvement in areas of my body that I was struggling to activate" - Victoria

Victoria is a fitness model that trains with Coach Nathan once a week at MVMT42. Her aim to build more 'athleticism'. We focus on dynamic movements as her base line strength (absolute strength) is already very good. 

Victoria came in with an imbalance in her hips that we have worked out in the last 4-5 weeks. This has fixed an anterior tilt and taken away a nagging back pain that used to interfere with her training.

Victoria has a high training age, what we mean by this is that she has already dedicated a lot of time to the gym over the past years. This means her program needs to be specifically tailored, a random workout will yield random results. Victoria is about to step into individual program design now her initial personal training block is complete. Her program will be custom designed to match her abiltiy and training goals. 

What made you hire a coach here at MVMT42?

I was searching for a coach to help improve my form, activate and target weak areas of my body, yet wanted someone with vast knowledge and experience - Nathan came highly recommended.


What do you feel you have achieved in private coaching?

I've seen a huge improvement in areas of my body that I was struggling to activate whilst training on my own and learning new techniques and ways to train has been invaluable. I look forward to expanding my fitness levels in the gymnastics and Olympic lifting.


What would you say to others looking to train at MVMT42 with a coach? 

If you are looking to change up the way you train or improve on your form, whether you are a beginner or advanced then the coaches at MVMT42 can help you with this.

The attention to detail when training is second to none, you can assured you're in good hands when being coached.  


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