"Immerse yourself in the challenge" - Tom Gomez

Tom Gomez

Tom joined us in April 2017 and was looking for something different to improve his fitness. The biggest appeal to Crossfit for Tom was the work ethic of the athletes and the variety of workouts in classes. The best part he says, is that the person who finishes last always gets the biggest cheer!

Seeing athletes from Crossfit on the TV, Tom never felt fit enough to try Crossfit, but he felt it was something he really wanted to give a go! After being persuaded by a friend to come to MVMT42 Open day, he was hooked. Since joining up, he now considers ROMWOD over beers and looks forward to training!

What does Tom say about MVMT? 

"For anyone thinking about trying CrossFit, just go for it! Immerse yourself in the challenge to become the best you and be prepared to put in hard work! During your first month, ask all the questions, don't worry about what everyone else can do or how much you have to work on. Just turn up, get coached on how to do things properly and enjoy yourself!"

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