I dropped 4 kilos in weight and a massive reduction of almost 6% body fat - Elaine

Elaine joined us at MVMT42 almost a year ago, she attended one of our nutrition workshops and decided to embark on our nutrition program with Coach Kathryn. The program is 3 months, Elaine had amazing results, so we asked her about her journey. 

"Having followed a reasonably healthy diet for a number of years I felt myself becoming complacent and in need of some guidance to get me back on track. After attending the group nutrition seminar at MVMT42 I was surprised at some of the similarities between how my body reacted to certain foods and the references you made to blood type.

This was enough of a motivator to sign me up to one of your nutrition courses. We kicked off by analysing my then existing eating pattern, or as it was then not really an eating pattern. To quote you I ‘ate like a bird’ and most days less than 1200 calories with almost no carb intake. My sleeping pattern was erratic and although I exercised giving 100% I was continually tired.

You gave me clear direction in terms of what foods my blood type shouldn’t tolerate, increased my overall calorie intake and guided me towards replenishing nutrients during and after exercise. 

Consistency was a key area of focus for me and having applied all of the principles you outlined I was amazed that over a 3 month period I was not only eating more and sleeping more but my energy levels had increased and most of all I dropped 4 kilos in weight and a massive reduction of almost 6% body fat!"


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