"Fast forward some more months to November and the same body fat analysis shows around a 7% decrease" - Adina

I've been trying to lose weight for 3 years now, at the beginning of this year I reached "the plateau" that many people like me know far too well! I tried going to the gym on my own, but to be honest it was incredible boring after a while - and working out had lost its fun for me. I was first introduced to MVMT42 by Nathan. I enquired online in May 2017, and received an email telling me to pop along and have a look. When I first arrived I thought I had the wrong place - did not think for one second that this amazing place could be a gym! I was greeted by Nathan and he showed me around the buildings, some of which were still in the process of completion - but he had a great vision and I really was inspired by the way he described the culture at MVMT42. 

I decided to sign up straight away, not knowing anything about Crossfit but excited to try it nonetheless. I had 3 Element sessions in the following weeks (where they take you through the movements required) which showed me exactly how unfit I actually was! My body had never moved into the positions they were asking of me, and I ached for a few days! I was anxious about my first class in case I didn't know what I was supposed to do, but the coach leading was great. Before each class you will do a warmup, and the coach will go through the workout of the day. A rule I learned early on is, no question is stupid. Coaches really want you to be able to perform your best, and be safe doing so - and this is something I've never experienced before. Each member works together, and you will never feel left out - it is like a little family.

I have had back trauma due to previous car crashes, plus an office job, and cross fit 3 times a week - I decided to visit Meg in the clinic. She is an amazing Osteopath, and has worked with me to increase the movement in my back, and also improve my posture. She's also helped when I've slept crazy and woken up with painful stiffness with my back.

Fast forward some months to June and Kat offered me a body fat analysis, I found out I was at around 38% body fat which shocked me, and I was determined to get some results. Fast forward some more months to November and the same body fat analysis shows around a 7% decrease in body fat, bringing me more towards the 30% mark.

I never thought that weight training was for me, I didn't want to be a woman hulk - and weight training in my mind meant that. MVMT42 has completely shifted my way of thinking, learning to appreciate the strength my body has, and the limits I can push it too. I'll never turn back! I've decided to go down the personal programming route with Coach Nathan now, and I'm excited to see what else my body can achieve.

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