UNLIMITED: £120 per month

Unlimited membership is for the committed, you will have as much access to the coaching team as you like. The coaches will help lay out a class prescription that best suits your goals.

2x WEEK: £80 per month

This membership gets you access to 2 of our coached coached classes per week. This is a great option for those that run a tight schedule. If you only make 1 session in a week, we also allow 1 session to roll into the following so you can catch up.

1 session per day maximum on all memberships.


Personalised Coaching


Your goals, lifestyle, and nutrition are supported through an ongoing professional relationship with one of our expert Coaches. Your Coach will support and challenge you by creating a personally tailored fitness and nutrition experience that is designed to help you Progress Forever.

This is fully customised program based on where they sit today and where they want to go now and into the future. Your coach will help facilitate your workouts during your time on the gym floor.

Each month you’ll have a consultation and a 3D body scan with your coach so that you can discuss the big picture of your training, how your lifestyle is contributing to your success, how your nutrition is supplementing your progress, and where you’re heading next. 



£90 per month

Open membership gets you access to the entire gym here at MVMT42.

We have an incredible facility, occasionally athletes want to follow their own programming, thats OK. We give full access to the gym, we just ask you stay away from the coached sessions when they are active.