MVMT42 onsite individual programming is the most effective way to meet your fitness goals. Whether you are an elite athlete, looking to take your performance to the next level, or someone who takes their health and fitness seriously, we can help you improve. MVMT42 has coaches onsite that specialise in different fields within the industry. From energy system experts, to osteopaths, to professional gymnasts, onsite private programming ensures you are under the watchful eye of our coaches.

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Our coaches compete over the European circuit, we lead by example. Our walls are filled with clients that compete at a high level in the sport of CrossFit. 
Individual Programming is the highest commitment level, as it requires athletes to spend a lot of time training by themselves. Training through a program specifically designed for you however, will lead to the greatest results. 


For clients onsite, we offer the very best facilities in the South of the UK. With dedicated Olympic Lifting platforms, brand new aerobic equipment, strong man bars and axles and an outdoor space on the foothills of the South Downs, it allows our coaches to program to exactly what the client needs. 

There is no compromise on the quality of programming due to the faciltiy. 

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If you don't have the ability to train at MVMT42's location, we can offer offer remote individual programming, which gives you quality programming offsite.

This is geared for people who don't have the ability to train at MVMT42, but want quality programming, have a specific set of needs or goals, are comfortable training on their own, and need to be held accountable. Whether you are an elite athlete looking to take your performance to the next level or someone new to the world of health and fitness, our coaches can help.

With individual programming you are hiring a coach to work with you to achieve a specific goal. They will consult on a monthly basis and give feedback throughout the week. Typically clients are more experienced in the gym and have a specific goal in mind. 


How Does it Work?


1. Consultation

The first step in the Remote Coaching process includes a face to face video consult with your coach to discuss your fitness past, your goals, your strengths and weaknesses.

2. Assessment

Your coach will give you a number of different assessment/tests to identify structural strength ratios, movement and mobility balances, and work capacity scores.

3. Program Design

After the Consultation and Assessment phase your coach will have a better understanding to be able to design a completely individualized program that is tracked and monitored through FitBot.

4. Workouts

All your workouts and day to day communication will be tracked through FitBot. All this can be accessed through your phone, where you will receive your weekly schedule.

5. Monthly Consult

The ultimate goal of the monthly consult is to ensure your progress as well as build a relationship with your coach. You will update him on lifestyle, sleep, nutrition, and stress to ensure they build the best program for you.