How much is membership?

OK, we get it. The price of membership is one of the factors you need to consider when looking at gyms. If your health is a priority then price probably isn't the biggest factor, but MVMT42 is unique in design. It's a coached only facility. 

So ask yourself a question:

Do I need a coach? Sure, David Beckham, Usian Bolt and Jess Ennis all had coaches. Sure, even our professional coaches also have coaches - but if you feel like youtube and self motivation will get you to your goals, then best of luck. We are probably not the place. If you are thinking you need support in your goals, MVMT42 is a great option. 

Talk is cheap. So is a spandex wearing fitness instructor. Professional coaches and our facility unfortunately are not. For a full list of all our costings, click the button below. Or scroll down to read up on some of our most popular memberships. 


Does this gym work as a normal gym as well as doing classes?

Yes it does, you can train outside classes, at weekend this is popular but in the week you want to stick to our program as much as possible. There isn't much sense in paying money for a coach, to them not be under the supervision of one but bench press in the corner. Follow our program, in the class with the coaches and you will find success there! 


Our all classes are part of a program, designed around you. So we want to see you in our gym. Around 25% of members come every day, and the majority of these will always pick a class. 



I assume there are membership packages? 

Yes, we have 2 options. 

Group Coaching: Our most popular and the one. Full access to CrossFit and Barbell Club (our strength program), the CrossFit room outside classes, seminars, unlimited support through the coaching team and our app for recording every workout (this is crucial). 

Personal Coaching: 2 dedicated spaces for members that want 1-1 programming and coaching, either their goal is very focused or they are coming to us something like rehab after an operation where a group environment isn't suitable. The most expensive membership as it takes the most coaching time. 


I know Crossfit gyms are usually more expensive than normal gyms?

Absolutely, because the membership covers 2 elements. The facility cost AND a dedicated degree level strength and conditioning coach. We have 6 on site, 3 world records and top-level CrossFit athletes in the team, having the best coaches costs. 

At most gyms, you pay for just the facility and maybe some instructor to sync dance in a class with. Our facility is epic, because we designed it to be the ultimate place we wanted to train in! So you are paying for 2 things. A coach and a gym.

The classes are small, so typically in the fitness industry you can pay £60 a month and be a in class of 40, or £45 an hour for a 1-1 session. CrossFit is that sweet spot in the middle, small classes with bespoke coaching tailored to your goals and your ability. So your partner and you can be in the same class, different movements, different weights, different feedback from the coaches but the same desired output on the session. It's group personalised training.  


2x a week membership into the coached program is £90, unlimited is £105. 

Personal coaching is £45 per week, that is unlimited personalised coaching based on your goals. 



Do I need to be fit before I join?

The most common question asked. No. because you are working in such small groups with professional coaches we would agree this is the next best thing to 1-1 training for someone just starting out. 

If you need help deciding 'what to do', 'how to do it' and more importantly 'why', then for one membership fee a month you can have unlimited group personalised training. We have worked with young men looking to find their way round the gym, to 70 year old grandparents who have a goal to lift their grandkids up without pain. 

The magic is in the coaching, making sure you are doing the right movement at the right weight, at the right pace, at the right time. Sounds complicated. It is. That's why you need a coach!