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Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights

CrossFit the sport and the class of CrossFit are two very different things. The class is designed for GPP (general physical preparedness), the ability to be strong, mobile and fit so you can live life without your body beings your limiting factor.

The sport of CrossFit is something else, muscle ups, heavy high rep barbell cycling and spicy workouts that test your mental fortitude.

If I program handstands in class and someone struggles, we regress and make sure that the skill is appropriately tailored to both your skill level and goal. This is exactly what CrossFit the class is all about, making sure the program is individually tailored to each person. It’s inclusive and individual at the same time.

In a competition, it’s very different. If you can’t complete a movement then you stand and watch.

So in the light of the open coming up and a growing number of athletes putting hands up for external CrossFit competitions we wanted to bring a monthly ‘Friday Night Lights’ to the community. A 90-120 min session, with competition standards for those that want to be tested.

This will not be a ‘coached’ session, but instead the coach will partake in the session, talk about strategies and how they are attacking each workout.


The session will be in the main CrossFit room, the 6pm CrossFit class will be moved to the smaller room used for members on personal programming. James and I will either move the IPD athletes to Friday Night Lights or program for the other spaces based on individual goals.

See you for the first event on Friday 19th Jan. 

Coach Nathe

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