"I am not fit enough! I don’t want to do weights. I don’t want to get bulky. I am not a runner."


I hear you. I have been there. Going down this road and doubting yourself will never get you results, it will never get you your bikini proud body, it will never get you sense of accomplishment and something you can be proud of. Proud of yourself!  

But here comes the truth! 

Yes, it is hard! You will sweat and it will burn. But it is also rewarding, motivating, it gets you results, it will make you fitter and no it won’t make you bulky. It will be worth it. 

Having a Bootcamp style training within CrossFit community has been designed for those who would like to take a break from technical movements, heavy weights and structured program and simply just show up, sweat, and go for it! It is also designed for those who come from a commercial gym background and are bored with monotonous training. 

Bootcamp class is a 45-minute action packed high intensity full body workout guaranteed to torch calories, burn fat and transform the way you look and feel. 


Bootcamp worthing