Body MOT & Fitness Check

Body MOT & Fitness Check

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Discuss your goals, what you have done before and how we can realistically make specific changes that are achievable and suited to your lifestyle.
o If your goals cover diet and nutrition, we can arrange a further consultation with one of our nutrition coaches.

Analysis profile

We’ll asses how your body moves through our physical assessment, assess your flexibility levels and watch how you walk, stand and bend. We’ll discuss injuries and see how your lifestyle may restrict your body’s movements.
If you have any ‘niggles’, tight muscles or are recovering from an injury, we can arrange a further consultation with one of our in-house osteopaths or sports therapists.

In-body scan

Measure your body’s biometrics such as fat percentage, muscle mass, fitness age, metabolic rate, hydration levels and bone mineral content. We will use these stats as a starting point and measure your progress on a weekly basis to help you keep on track with your fitness journey.

3 x personal training sessions

These will personally be designed for you; for your body, for your goals and a
structured plan will be put in place to help you learn the best techniques and
movements for your body.

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