What makes our gym so different?

There are 4 pillars that makes MVMT42 unique. No matter what class you join, no matter what fitness level you are starting at, we work with you personally to achieve your goal. Thats the reason 4 appears in our name.


It doesn’t matter if your fitness goal is to run a 5k or to compete at the CrossFit Games. Here at MVMT42 our programming dovetails with your goals and fitness aspirations. Because the class sizes are limited, our coaching team can focus on your individual requirements. We show you how to mobilise, we tell you how many reps you need to do, what intensity to train at so that you reach your goals efficiently and safely.

We have a team of 6 Strength and Conditioning coaches from different backgrounds who program our classes.

All you do is turn up, train hard and record your results, the rest is up to us.

We take immense pride in our programming. With over 20 years combined experience as coaches we use a variety of strength and conditioning programs to keep classes fresh, challenging and above all, ensuring that they maximise your output.


MVMT42 holds over 7,000 coached hours across hundreds of classes.

We are experts in human movement and bio-mechanics and watch every rep you complete in the box. We track your heart rate, monitor bio-mechanics and stand with you in small classes of 6–8. We are not instructors, we do not give a general prescription of movements to 40 people in a loud room.

We coach you, on an individual basis — we help you get results.

If you’re taking your fitness seriously, having a coach is absolutely vital.

We are not personal trainers counting your reps, we are top level Strength & Conditioning coaches and we don’t charge you £30-£50 per hour for the privilege. Our top athletes have coaches, our coaches have coaches. If Tiger Woods, Andy Murray and Sir Chris Hoy all have coaches its naive to think you don’t need a coach.


We need to see you in the gym, if you don’t come, we want to understand why, after all, you are paying for it ! That may sound obvious, but, our local globo gym has over 7,000 members of which 4% use the facility a week. Their model is built in the hope that people don’t turn up.

At MVMT42 we see over 80% of our members every week, we monitor this and we know. They come, because they are dedicated to their goals and enjoy what we offer.

Every 3 months our Head Coach will sit down with you, we will look back at your records (which we expect you to keep) and review your achievements. We can revisit your goals, confirm your on track and if not make changes to your program. That’s what accountability means, as coaches we are as accountable for your results as you are — it’s a team approach.


We are a small community, the coach knows your name, how you move, your strengths and weakness. That’s day to day stuff for us and that’s what we expect.

What is different is that you will get to know every athlete that you train with, this is what the community is all about. You will share challenges, failures, successes and friendship — this is Crossfit and MVMT42.

The community work hard in classes and they play hard outside of classes, it’s a community of like minded individuals who prioritise health and wellbeing.

Smart Performance