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Why train at MVMT42 versus a regular gym?

MVMT42 is very different to your average, commercial gym; for starters we are the ONLY affiliated CrossFit gym in Worthing and the surrounding areas. We work with people to make realistic, achievable lifestyle changes and help people transform their body through personal coaching in a group environment and individual training programmes.

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"I’ve just signed up to MVMT42" - Louise

I’ve just signed up to MVMT42 who are a local gym in Findon, West Sussex that also does CrossFit (amongst a few other things!). You start by going through three ‘element’ sessions, so that the instructors can assess how you move, you can discuss what areas of your body / fitness / lifestyle you wish to change and it’s just a generally pleasant, good way to softly introduce you to the MVMT42 way of things…

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