Why you should invest in your Prehab now

As a Sports Osteopath working with athletes I spend a lot of my time not just hands-on treating but educating my clients on what THEY can do to improve their health and performance on a daily basis.

That could be small changes in how they have their seat set up in their car to what extras to include in their warm-ups and cool-downs when training. To prehab and rehab to make them as bullet proof to injury as they can be.

It doesn’t matter to me if you train twice a week or if you’re a competitor training twice a day. Your needs are the same. You want to feel better and move better.

For the half an hour you spend with me that week, you spend much more time driving in your car or at work. If I can help you to implement small changes in those areas it will make a huge impact in your overall health and functioning, and ultimately make you need to see me less with little aches and pains.

I take time to explain and discuss with my clients why they would benefit from rolling their upper back before they OHS and that taking a few extra minutes to mobilise their shoulder in a specific way for them would both improve their kip and help prevent injuries from cropping up.

Some people say they hate mobility work and stretching, they see it as a waste of time when they could be throwing a barbell around or getting a PR on their mile time. And we all have days when we just want to do just that, but they’re the same athletes that want a bodyweight Snatch. The fact is you will get there with hard work, but you could get there a lot faster, safer and with more benefit for your overall health if you practice some self-care along with your regular training.

And it doesn’t have to be hours of rolling and smashing to get results. I work with each client as an individual, we assess which movements they find challenging and/or would like to improve. I take them through an osteopathic assessment and movement assessment, which allows us to see where they would benefit from strengthening, mobilising and/or movement pattern training. I then go through how to do this in the most efficient way to improve to greatest effect and together we set a plan.

Improving performance and preventing injuries is important to both my clients and me, I’m just as excited as them when they PR their snatch or improve the mechanics of their OHS with a PVC.

Better functioning, means better performance.

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