How do you know if you are getting “Fitter”?

Every 12-14weeks we test your fitness.

But how and why do we do this?

And what is "Fitness"?

If a marathon runner wanted to test their fitness, it's a simple exercise. They run a marathon... If the time taken to finish the marathon is less, the measurement against that concludes they are fitter.

In the real world this test falls apart, because as a runner becomes better at running they tend to become worse at other elements of fitness:

Strength falls,

hip mobility gets worse,

explosive power drops etc. 

Not to mention, running is a low skilled movement, so the skill set of the athlete could also fall. If I give up tennis to focus on steady state running for 6 months, when I return to tennis my co-ordination would have deteriorated, my skill to accurately hit a ball would have fallen.

For the general public, with the goal to 'get fit' we must be careful what to measure it against. In our facility we hold a testing week in order to measure your fitness and progression across all domains because our program builds all domains of fitness. 

We take measurements and these measurements can be in any number and combination of ways. As long as the data is observable (you can take an
acurate measurement), measurable (it’s something that can be measured) and repeatable (it can
repeated at a later date).

With almost 30,000 workouts recorded, over 6,000 classes we have a clear understanding on how to get you 'fit'.

By taking this data we can plot an upward trend in all tests and conclude that as a well-rounded athlete you are improving in all domains of fitness (not just long distance running for example) and therefore 'getting fitter'.

The domains tested are:

  • Absolute Strength: This can be defined as the maximum amount you can lift for 1 rep.
  • Explosive power: This can be defined as your ability to produce maximal force.
  • Alactic Power/Endurance: This is your ability to maintain explosive power for extended durations.
  • Lactic Power: This is the ability of your lactic system to produce power.
  • Lactic Endurance: This is your ability of your lactic system to produce power over extended periods. Basically how long can you work in/around your anaerobic threshold. This is the Open workout type test.
  • Power Endurance: This is your ability to produce high levels of power (force, work etc) at a high rate over an extended period of time.

So, when it comes to benchmark week, remember, we are testing you against you 3 months ago. The process is to measure the improvement you have made in your fitness goal. We will measure the score in an observable way and track the data on our in-house app. This gives you tangible results against all the hard work being done in our program. 

Coach Nathan Hearn B.A. (Hons)