Athlete Training Camp

Athlete training camps are sporadic throughout the training year for those either competing in the sport of CrossFit or thinking about competing. 

There are no prerequisite movements. The following is being tested. 

  • Short lactic energy work
  • Maximal power and ATP recycle time 
  • Push/pull strength 
  • Aerobic endurance 

These 4 tests are completed in 3.5 hours. With the training camp kicking off at 11am - finishing around 2:30. Bring food! 

Not only will all athletes get results from the day, we talk about what the results mean and where to focus their training if the goal is competing in the sport of CrossFit. 

The training camp is free to all active members, £40 for guests. 12 spaces available. 

The session is led by Coach Nathan. The training camp is open to all members of all abilities, but it is a serious camp. You will be tested to the limits in a high-pressure environment. 

The camp is a first come first served event, to book in click HERE. If you have done the camp before, please wait a few days before registration to give those new to the environment a chance to register. All members are welcome to join, if you are working with a coach on a personal level check with them first if this fits your long terms goals. 

See you there, 


Coach Nathan 


Smart Performance