How does Alcohol affect you goals?

New Years Resolution

We all make commitments for New Years. The top changes people vow to make are #1 Get fit and #2 make healthier food choices or habits! Most people would imagine these two goals compliment one another, however they seem to create a lot of resentment within our social circles. This tends to end our good intentions and we are back to business as usual! Sound familiar?

Looking at the benefits, you can decide if the lifestyle change and commitment is worth the effort.

Ascetics Effect — the weight gain that follows!

Since alcohol is high in calories, it is easy to consume high units without getting full. Any time you consume more energy (calories) than you expend, especially empty and nutrient deficient calories, you can expect the belt to get tighter. During the holidays when consumption is at the highest, you need to know why the body reacts to alcohol. Since the body cannot store or it is first to be metabolized. This means the body wants to flush it out as fast as possible and prioritizes it over digesting food. Since it cannot digest alcohol and food at the same time, food consequently gets stored as fat.

Does it affect my training?

Alcohol causes dehydration, which impairs cognitive and physical performance. Another downside is the energy production goes down, so the liver can process the alcohol. This means the body is not as efficient at regulating the blood sugar and glucose. This keeps the body from performing high intensity training. So training becomes unproductive hammering of the body.

What does this do to my recovery?

Nutrition and sleep are the key elements of recovery. If your body is prioritizing metabolizing alcohol, the nutrient dense food you have ate will not be utilized for the body. Instead the healthy dinner or lunch before gets stored as fat regardless of what it was, since the body was not switched on to metabolize food. Then with sleep, we are unable to return the body to its homeostasis. Not being able to make the body reach deep sleep, even if we manage to “pass out” you are not recovering.

How do I track Alcohol, in my nutrition plan?

Whilst alcohol is apart of a lot of social gatherings (especially around the holidays), you still want to indulge without going overboard. To make sure you do not gain unwanted weight, you will want to be aware of how to manage your consumption. By planning what your moderation is for the evening, you will want to account for your drinks under carbs and fats.

It’s your choice as to how you track your beverage, but if you fail to plan.. you are planning to fail.

When deciding you fitness and nutrition goals, make sure you think about why you are doing it in the first place. If the reasons don’t motivate you to push past temptation, try making smaller goals that are achievable. Small wins!!!

Any other advice on how to goal set and manage to have a social life, contact our nutrition coach, who can have you set up with a personalised nutrition plan, ideal for your specific goals and lifestyle needs.

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