Athlete Camp

The MVMT42 athlete camp is our opportunity to share with others the coaching and training principles we have found most effective with our individual clients in preparing them for competition. The training and coaching principles presented will be geared toward individuals hoping to compete, at any level, in the sport of CrossFit.

The camp is built for those that work with coaches 1-1 and have the goal of competing in the sport of CrossFit. Training begins at 10 am and will run until 3 pm. Bring plenty of food and water. The session is on the 29th of September. 

This is for Coach Nathan's IPD clients only, based here on campus and remotely. The other coaches will be running training camps with their clients at a later date.  


  • Strength test - CrossFit specific complex
  • Upper body push/pull test
  • Power curve test
  • Engine step test


  • Recovery principles 
  • Energy balance principles

The camp is complimentary, a chance for athletes that typically train by themselves to come together and train in a group under the guidance of a coach. If you are unsure if you should attend, ask your coach. 


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