Behind the Barbell: Coaching/Sport/Group Fitness (And cycling!)

Behind the Barbell is a series of blog posts from the founders of MVMT42, talking about the fitness market or MVMT42 behind the scenes. Today we talk about our sweet spot in the fitness market. 

Running... If you are running by yourself, you are simply exercising. If you are running for a 10k race you sit in the sports category. If you run with friends in preparation for the 10k now you overlap between group fitness and sport. Finally, if you have a group coach that's tailoring each person run based on their ability, training in a group you are in the middle. I believe this is the sweet spot, a cross section of all 3. 

Take a moment to digest that last paragraph, as the terminology is crucial. Now let's do the same with football.

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 11.41.22.png

If you kick a football against a wall by yourself, that's some kind of exercise. Kick it in a team and you are in the group fitness section. Turn up for a league match and now you are a football player as you play the sport of football. Get a group coach to help with the team and now you are back in the middle. 

So we could go on and on about what you are doing for exercise and where you sit, either on our diagram or off. But we firmly believe that enjoyment in fitness is found in a group setting towards a sport structured by a coach. If you find joy in physical movement then the likelihood of you turning up consistently is higher and that's where the magic is made for results, in the middle of coaching, sport and group fitness. 

Like I continually preach, do what you enjoy. There is no right or wrong in the choice of what fitness you pick. In our unregulated wild west industry, people are quick to judge other pockets of the fitness market. Bodybuilders will take a dig at CrossFitters, marathon runners will dig at cyclists. Even more painful is watching coaches, personal trainers, fitness instructors (there is a difference between those) go at each other on social media in front of the fitness community. 

If you put gym kit on once a week, you are in the small minority of people that make a choice to be proactive in their healthcare. It doesn't matter if it's spandex for a yoga class or short shorts for playing rugby. Just identify where you sit on the group fitness//sport//coaching spectrum and think about if your goal is in line with your actions. 

CrossFit is now a Sport, the CrossFit open is the worlds largest fitness event in terms of participation with 500,000 athletes registered. It's coached by a professional in a group. It's that magic in the middle. Sure, plenty of our members don't care about the CrossFit games because their goal is long-term health, but that's like getting an athlete in great shape preseason for hockey and the hockey player deciding they don't want to play. That's totally fine. The simple truth is, CrossFit has changed the face of the fitness market. It preaches to be strong, fit and healthy. As one of the gym owners, I could open up any class. There is no corporate head office dictating what we have to do. We are run by coaches, owned by coaches and we believe CrossFit is an amazing choice if your goal is long-term health, strength and fitness improvements. 

So what about cycling? 

Cycling is a low impact, simple skill based movement that is great for building fitness.  You could go for a bike ride by yourself, but we want to bring cycling into the centre of that diagram. So the long-term vision is to bring out a performance cycling class, coached on each individual's goals towards a goal. Traditional 'spin' classes are simply group fitness, we want to take it up a gear (pun intended). 

To begin with, as a facility on the South Downs we have been granted British Cycling status as a club, so in the same way, we run Friday Night Lights, we will begin with organising team cycling events. If the appetite grows we will add them more frequently and ultimately introduce an indoor class. 

If you are a keen cycling fan, I'm looking for a few ambassadors from within the community to help build out both the group rides and have input into the class structure when the time comes. Email me directly HERE


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