How much are classes at MVMT42?

As the head coach here at MVMT42, I have the pleasure to welcome new members into our community, I get to show off our amazing facility and introduce the coaching team. There are a few factors when looking to make a lifestyle change in your health. One of those is costs. 

It's actually the most common question I'm asked on email. If you are shopping around and we are on the shortlist, it's an honour that we made it - there are a lot of choices! If you ask me about pricing, you are probably going to get an email back similar to the one below. Instead of me telling you what I do and how much it costs, I want to know what problem you have and how I can solve it, with a price list once you understand what makes MVMT42 so different.

Below is a picture of me coaching Seb. Just to you can put a name to a face :) 

Coach Nathan

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Heya ......,


Thanks for reaching out, I'm Nathan - head coach here at MVMT42. 

I think sometimes people have the wrong perception of our classes (that's probably our fault), so let me talk about who we are, what problem we solve and then how much it is. 

MVMT42 is a coached only facility. What does that mean? 

Simply put, we believe in the power of having a professional coach help each individual tailor their fitness based on their goals and abilities. Sounds pretty simple! It is, nothing I sell you is a fad style ' 6-week challenge' or false promises. This is rampant in our fitness market. 

The power of results is in the coaching quality and the affordability of being able to have a coach every day, not once a week in personal training. Our classes are small in number and as a consequence, it's like having personal training in a small group. 

Our program is not for:

  • People who want to train by themselves with their own program
  • People who want to be in a fitness class with 40 people for a cheap price
  • People who want to spend £40 an hour on coaching 1-1
  • People who are looking for quick fixes, I coach healthy lifestyle and long-term results.
  • Bodybuilders. Personally, while they are dedicated athletes I just don't agree with the principle of being on stage for other people to judge the way you look. 


The problem we see in the fitness market is that you can join a gym and then have 2 options. Either go into a giant synced fitness class, 40 people paying £1. Or personal training, 1 person paying £40. 

The fitness professional makes the same (and are great in what they deliver), but the results are vastly different. So we offer something in the middle. The best of both worlds, great coaching within a community of like-minded people in group personal training. 

OK, so if all of that sounds great - let's talk about pricing.

Individual classes are £20. If you commit to us in a membership we commit to you, with classes falling to £5 per session. 

The next step?

Book into a free 1-1 coaching session with me. I want to hear about your problem and how I can help solve that in a cost-effective way, in a small group, under the guidance of a coach. Your goal is going to be different to the person next to you in class, but that's the whole point. Each individual needs to be tailored, under a coach's eye. 

Really hope that answers your question "How much is MVMT42?" 

Smart Performance