Do I need to eat an Amazon rainforest super berry to 'Detox'?

For the consumer, it's another fad to sweep the market and ask consumers to pay vast sums for crushed vegetables. Consumers are not wrong to want to detox their systems, but the processes doesn't need to be expensive and it isn't a new superfruit from the Amazon rainforest. 

It is how your body naturally gets rid of what it considers a foreign substance, toxic or waste. It is a big contribution to why the population struggles with sleep, has stubborn fat, low immune system function or disease. 

There are two main filters in your body that rid waste, your left and right kidney. Having elevated 'toxins' means something is going wrong outside of normal life. There is an imbalance in how quick your system can rid toxins and how quick you are exposing it to new ones. In modern days we have toxins all around us and over time they can build up. That's why the older side of the population suffers from symptoms of excess toxins, because they have had longer to build up. 

How do you know you are experiencing chronic toxicity?

It is a bit of a rabbit hole like most things. Toxicity is determined by Total Load. TL is the total amount of stress on your system at one time. When people get sick, it is generally because they have hit the TL point and their body cannot cope with additional stressors or fight off an additional stress of a virus. 

Symptoms include:

fatigue, headaches, joint pain, congestion, bloating, gas, constipation diarrhoea, sleep issues, concentration issues, food cravings, skin challenges, trouble loosing weight, menstrual disorders 


What is the best way to detox? 

OK, so when we say 'detox' we are really talking about the process of supercharging the excretions of toxins around your system. The body gets rid of toxins in 3 ways:

The Triple P: Pee, Poop, Perspire

It would make sense to include activities that expedite the exit of toxins, these include:

  • Progressive training or working out at least 3-5 times per week. 
  • You want to get well hydrated, so drink plenty of water. A general recommendation is for women to have 3 litres and men 4 litres each day
  • Try to keep your “pipes clear” by consuming 30-40g of fibre per day
  • Eat the right foods to pull the toxins out, such as cruciferous vegetables, anti-inflammatory foods/herbs, spices and green tea

There just simply isn't the need to hit a 10day juice cleanse unless it's perscribed by a professional. Use the points above to boost the removel of toxins. This is what detoxing means!  


What habits can you incorporate in your daily routine to help stop the build-up of toxins?

Having a training routine that balances your stress, helps stimulate proper muscle function, cardiovascular and aerobic training all massively help

  • Keeping your vegetable intake high
  • 2,000 IU / day of Fish or Crill Oil for balancing your Omega 3, 6 and 9 (EPA/DHA) 
  • 2,000 - 5,000 IU / day of Vitamin D3 or getting sunshine on the skin. The darker your skin tone the more sunshine you will need.
  • 3-4 Liters of water / day 
  • Oh and vegetables (again) 


Just a side note, notice that every single fad diet has one thing in common. They all promote the consumption of vegetables. Low carb, low fat, low protein, low dairy, low sugar - they all jump around but always promote high vegetables. The truth there. 


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