What's coming up in class?

Our classes have a purpose. Unlike every other 'fitness class', we don't just ask you to suffer for an hour. Progression isn't made there, sure 6 weeks of anything hard with a calorie diet will 'change' your body - because you are pressing on the accelerator and brake at the same time as hard as possible. 

But what happens after 6 weeks? The body stops adapting. That's why most 'fitness challenges' are 6 weeks long, that's why after 6 weeks of body pump you stop seeing results. 

Progressive, sustainable change is made through a program designed around you, coached by a  professional. So what do the program in June look like? 



So we have come to the end of the pull-up cycle, plenty of PB's, including Katie Thimanns first strict pull-up and Martin Baker adding nearly 7kg to his weighted pull-up! Even if we didn't get our first pull-ups, we've seen a big improvement in peoples upper body pulling ability, with everyone improving the difficulty of their ring rows and negatives.

We are now going to be heading into a squat cycle, having tested out our Back squat 1RM on Wednesday and testing our front squat on Saturday. We will be doing plenty of single leg work initially, to make sure our knees and hips are working properly, before hitting the barbell squats hard. Expect to find stairs challenging for the next few weeks.


Olympic lifting:

This cycle we have been hitting the squats hard 3 times a week, and have been focussing on working the Olympic lifts from the hang, to nail down our technique as we transition under the bar. We will be testing again starting the 25th of June. We've had a lot of new people join up in the last month, and its great to see you guys get stuck into learning the movements. Your patience will be rewarded with some new PB's soon enough.


Coach James

Smart Performance