22lbs of body fat lost in 30 days...

This is not clickbait, it's also not a story about putting one of my clients on a fad diet or selling him supplements. In fact, I'm one of the few Personal Coaches in the area that do not give nutrition advice. Before we go any further, nutrition and fitness have become too interchangeable in pop culture, so it would be great if could tell you what Louis is eating, as yes, it's as important as what he is doing in the gym. 

But I'm not qualified to tell him that, or you. As a 6-year strength and conditioning coach, I have helped hundreds of clients. I feed my family and pay my bills from giving quality coaching in small groups or privately. I don't need to sell you a pyramid scheme supplement drink or charge you extra to give you a PDF of some generic diet. 

Other personal trainers chase cash because they are not good enough coaches to sell coaching alone. But the truth is, they are also not qualified. So, if like many people you are buying generic food plans from trainers, stop. It's like getting accounting advice from your local police officer. They are two separate things. 

If you are an unqualified personal trainer giving your clients nutrition advice, shame on you. You are why our industry needs more regulation. 

Louis spoke to a qualified nutritionist about what to eat, she just happened to be a coach here at MVMT42 too. 

Clients Goals 

Now we have established the boundaries of what I can't do, let's park the above. My role as Louis coach is to understand the variables and life choices during his week that have an impact on his health. Then best prescribe movement. That's it, folks. Hence our name. 

So, let's introduce Louis. He came to MVMT42 to primarily lose unwanted body fat, he has longer-term athletic goals, but as his coach, we prioritised (in order) a few things first:

  • To bring body fat down to a healthy metric 
  • To operate better in his primal movements (squat, hinge, pull, press)
  • To chase lean muscle mass; to increase immune function, bone density and other health markers. 
  • To build a fitness base, by testing and then training. 

How did we start this process?

Louis and I talked. As a coach, we have a relationship. I work with him and he gives me feedback on every workout. I'm not an app, or a youtube video or a PDF. 

Louis agreed that basic lifestyle guidelines would need to change. The basics, more water, more sleep, less processed and refined carbohydrates and a positive attitude. 

I then took the basics of his lifestyle and nutrition from our Nutrition Coach and begun writing a program that matched. His intensity was low as he was restricting carbohydrates. His sessions where longer on the days he had more time and the days with family were shorter. The skills were simple, primal and tuned to balance him. The weight training days I prescribed more volume, less load.

We did test fitness, but in longer range tests that require less sugar burn, this was the lowest priority but still on the radar. 

30 days later, with the right attitude, the basic lifestyle guidelines, the correct food and the right training that envelopes those 3 factors his has lost 22lbs. It also took effort, something that is harder to come by in our culture of 'on demand'. Speaking to other coaches in our industry we see more impatience and weaker mindsets, but Louis is not that. He's dedicated to his goal. So is his coach. 

What didn't I do?

  • Sell him Herbalife to make extra money. This is an insult to our profession. 

  • Dress in spandex and have him copy me dance with weights 
  • Do a 6-week challenge, this is a lifestyle change, not a fad
  • Push him as hard as possible while starving him. That has short-term results. 
  • Sell him a false promise of 'taking him to the next level' - whatever that is that other coaches sell
  • Give him a generic downloadable program 
  • Give him nutrition advice (I'm not qualified) 
  • Sell him personal training, this builds dependence on me

Below is a typical week currently programmed for Louis, if you would like any more info about the coaching team here at MVMT42 and how we work with clients individually just hit reply. Is it expensive? Nope. The same price you are paying your personal trainer for 2 sessions a month... My question is always 'what do you do the other 28 days?!'.  


Coach Nathan 




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