Meet Our Member - Katy

This this the story of the comeback Queen. She's a true inspiration. 


Most people at MVMT42 know Katy as “Dave’s Wife” or assume that she is a newbie.

However, Katy’s CrossFit and Weightlifting career began some time back, in 2011 to be precise.

After having torn a ligament in the Brighton Half Marathon she hung up the running shoes and went in search of a new challenge.

And so she discovered CrossFit and serendipitously she found Alex, Kat and Nathan, and as they were known back then Smart Performance. It was very different from how MVMT42 is now, simply put it was a warehouse with a rig and barbells. Freezing in winter, thermals were a necessity and often athletes would need to wipe thin films of ice off the bars before lifting.

At the other end of the spectrum in the summer this little box would hit a sweltering 32 degrees.

The aspects that drew Katy in and kept her coming back were exactly the same as they are today. The community, support and encouragement that comes with the culture of CrossFit. Katy had found her place in the sporting world and never looked back. In 2015 she qualified as a British Weight Lifting coach for Smart Performance and is a proud founding member of the community we know and love today.

Outside of CrossFit Katy has always been active and has played rugby, mountain cycled and found a passion in running, completing numerous marathons and endurance events. Katy has raised a considerable amount of money for The British Heart Foundation through her running. This year one of Katy’s goals is to compete Welsh Velothon and Velo South, 100 miles bike races!

Late in 2015, Katy began to feel seriously unwell, having trained hard, eaten well and been physically fit all her life, so these bouts of exhaustion and feebleness were a mystery. Then during one of the open workouts in 2016, Katy crumbled and knew it was time to see a specialist. Katy was diagnosed with a rare heart condition and much to her dismay was instructed to immediately stop any sporting activities, reduce her workload, avoid stress and was banned from driving.

Having always enjoyed being fit, healthy and ambitious to be part of so many events and experience adventure the news crushed Katy. Her condition leaves her totally drained of energy, tore down her spirits and will to keep going. The next few years were heartbreakingly difficult, having to go through numerous surgeries and drug trials, most of which left Katy even more broken and at times she struggled with depression. Her family and friends felt it too, as they watched her fading but could do nothing to help except surrounding her with love and support. Dave especially held Katy together and has been her absolute rock through it all, Katy admits she would be totally lost without her wonderful hubby by her side.

For a long time, Katy believed her days of smashing the weights and triumphing through challenging CrossFit wods was over. However, with the support of Dave, Kat and Nathan Katy realised just how much she missed it all. And so once she had received clearance from her consultant and a little push from family and friends, Katy dusted off her metcons and walked through our doors.

Katy has gained so much from being part of our community, from the love of lifting, tailoring nutrition, moving well and to pushing through some brutal workouts (Cindy and Grace are particular favourites) and the ability to push herself harder even when she believed there was nothing more in her.

We are elated to have Katy back with us, her energy and positivity infectious. She finds MVMT42 brings together people from all walks of life and creates a culture of support and friendship like she has never seen before and she is proud to be part of that.


From Alex, Kat and myself it's truly humbling to not just hear of Kay's journey for the past four years, but be part of it too. She helped us more than we can ever thank, put a roof over Kat and my head when we were just starting out. She helped us by joining the coaching team for a while, helped us move (both the gyms and personally!) and so, so much more. 

Katy believed in us when we were starting out in a shed and we believed in Katy when she told us she was coming back. Super happy to have this lady back. 


Smart Performance