Gymnastics Seminar

Hello Athletes,

Some of the community have been requesting some guidance and programming for gymnastics skills and strength. With so many variations of skills and having a wide range of abilities we would like to develop, it only makes sense to devote time to such a challenging discipline. 

Coach Jenni is our in-house gymnastics coach, so she will be running a seminar on Saturday the 8th of June for all active members, at no cost. 

The interest and commitment generated from this seminar will help us decide if we have the community to support this discipline becoming apart of our timetable.

We would like to give you an opportunity to work on some these skills in a 2-hour workshop in which we will cover, mobility, core strength and endurance, break down the technique and master the separate elements of kipping and handstand walking. We will refine skills so that they are more efficient and sustainable under fatigue.

Prerequisite - 1 strict pull-up, 30 sec wall handstand hold. 

If you are working personally with a coach and would like to attend, please speak them to make sure it falls in line with your long-term goals.

Smart Performance