Meet our Member - Sally

Sally Evans, a pleasantly quiet and humble lady. Do not let this tranquil demeanour allow you to assume she’s not down for a challenge though. Sally has entered into CrossFit Open this year and so far is smashing through the workouts!

She is taking on each workout head on and has performed exceptionally well so far. Sally hit a new PB for her clean in 18.2 and is excited to take on whatever upcoming task the Open may bring!

This is incredible progress considering Sally only began CrossFit with us a year ago and in 2006 sustained a serious shoulder injury whilst skiing, which has had a huge impact on her ability to keep fit.

This, as well as a few health issues, have made the motivation to maintain physical activity increasingly difficult. Having had lost a lot of strength since her shoulder injury Sally was keen to try to regain some of it, but with a shoulder “made of glass,” she knew she needed help. And so in February last year with some encouragement from her daughter, Beth, Sally came on board. And what an absolute pleasure it has been to have her as a part of the crew.

Sally has always been active from a young age, she was a disciplined ballet dancer for many years and also a very keen swimmer. So much so she did The Bronze Medallion Lifesaving Qualification and worked as a lifeguard for a few years, our very own Baywatch Babe!

Sally has done the London to Brighton Bike Ride three times, which she excelled in.

Definitely one determined lady with some fascinating experiences to share.

Coming to MVMT 42 has been a life-changing experience for Sally, having met some lovely people and found the camaraderie to be fantastic. The fact that a group of people of all ages and abilities can participate and support each other. Everyone works to their own ability, so can push themselves fully and safely. The coaches have been great – breaking down movements into altering workouts so that everyone is challenged appropriately.  The fact that all the workouts are coached and the coaches are all so encouraging, means that it is much easier to be motivated. Sally’s shoulder strength has improved beyond what she thought would have been possible and she is constantly surprising herself with new achievements, such as snatches for the first time this week.

She has recently been working on her nutrition with Kat and is reaping the rewards! Her recovery is much faster, She has lost body fat and gained muscle. Her overall health has received a huge boost from the nutritional changes she has made.

A year ago Sally would never have dreamed of being able to do what she is doing now. It’s proving to be great fun and a chance to really challenge herself. If Sally had to put it into one sentence, coming to MVMT42 is “Hard work, but hugely rewarding and somewhat addictive!”


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