Who wants to join us for the 2018 CrossFit Open?

In just a couple of weeks, Dave Castro, co-director of training and the Games director for CrossFit will launch the world’s largest fitness event, where hundreds of thousands of athletes from around the world will compete in 5 workouts over 5 weeks. Welcome to the 2018 CrossFit Open, the first stage of the competition in the CrossFit games season, and the 1st step in a 3-step process to find the fittest human on the planet.

Crossfit Open Artwork Preview.jpg

Over 5 days, athletes will be showcasing their fitness, strength and conditioning skills in the ultimate fitness challenge. The CrossFit Open pushes competitors to the max; where athletes are forced to go a little harder or attempt things they never would have in a normal training session, so they can achieve things they thought were impossible.

As the only professionally affiliated CrossFit gym in the Worthing & Horsham area, we are embracing the CrossFit Open, and can't wait to see what it has to offer. If you would like to take part, join one of our Friday CrossFit classes starting on Friday 23rd February, as we take that first step on the path to testing, competing and improving ourselves. This is your chance to be the best that you can be and produce a score to be proud of!

What to expect from our CrossFit Open classes:

  • The CrossFit Open workout will only be programmed on our Friday CrossFit classes and one of the coaching team will mark the scores.

  • If you can’t make that slot and need to do it another time, a few of our members have taken the judges course and will be able to mark scores and support you in your attempt.

  • Each Friday class will be going over a full warm-up, mobility pieces that you might need and a few ideas about pacing and expectations. As we don't know what the CrossFit Open will offer, the class may run short or it may overrun.

  • If you don’t sign up to the CrossFit Open, that’s OK. Just know that on Friday’s for 5 weeks (starting from the 23rd February) the class programme will be the CrossFit Open workout. All members are welcome to attend and as always, if needed the workout will be scaled accordingly.

Again, if you are looking to complete the CrossFit Open workouts outside of our Friday CrossFit classes, you will need to find a judge outside the coaching team. Anyone can take the online course, but only official judges or CrossFit coaches can mark your scores. So, buddy up with a few people and make sure one of the group has the appropriate course. The coaching team will only judge on Friday classes!

Above all, remember that we're all in this to have fun together. So, bring your MVMT42 team shirt and get ready to make loads of noise in support of whoever is performing the workout - those people will be cheering just as hard for you when it's your turn.