Nutrition Seminar // Buff Box Meals

Gearing up for the Open, a lot of members have been asking all the right questions. With so many of you interested in taking your fitness to the next level, you have to address your nutrition. There are many different options for nutrition advice, but none of them applies to Crossfit and fitness. We are now in a position to host a seminar that addresses performance and ascetics. 


Teaming up Kat's Kitchen with Buff Box Meals, has made a lot of sense. Most people want to know the ins and outs of what to eat and why. This is your chance to come educate yourself and find out what you need to do to take it to the next level.

Buff Box Meals is a company dedicated to providing super fresh meals, with high nutritional content, amazing taste and not a lot else.  All our food is preservative free and comes as fresh as it can get.  We source all of our ingredients locally to our kitchens which are based in North Devon, everything is organic and free range.  We know all of our suppliers and farmers personally and know that they share the same passion as us for ensuring quality when it comes to our food. 

Why does this make a difference - food from the supermarket can come with as much of a 40% variable on it compared to what is says on the label - so you may think you are getting the right nutrients but in fact you have no idea.  Matt Hodges and the Buff Box team want to educate you on making better decisions when it comes to your food and why and how it will have a huge impact on your life, not just your training but your overall energy, your sleep, your ability to concentrate and our favourite one your recovery.

We also want to help you understand the right way to nourish your body by making even some small changes - Matt will take you through some ideas of pre and post workout nutrition tips and will touch upon gut health for you too.  If you have a healthy gut it means you can actually absorb all the calories that you consume meaning you will feel more energised after you eat.  You may be suffering from some mild ailments too that a simple guy healing cycle will fix and make your life a lot more comfortable.

When and how much?

  • Date: 8th March 6pm - 7.30pm
  • Price: £20 guests & members

What do I need to bring? 

Nothing, come on an empty stomach as we will be feeding you from the Buff Box menu.


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