Meet a Member - Nid

We have an incredible community here at MVMT42 and it would be great for everyone to get to know each other. To create a support system and to learn from different cultures, backgrounds and skills and specialities.

For this month we would like to introduce the Lovely Nid. A friendly face with one of the sunniest dispositions you could have the pleasure of meeting.  Originally from Chiang Rai, Thailand, Nid came to England 9 years ago. She is a chef at the Village House Hotel in Findon. As you can imagine being a chef means long hours of work at awkward times, yet Nid manages her time brilliantly and always ensures she makes space for the important things: Friends, family, maintaining health and fitness, self-growth and finding pleasure in enjoying her hobbies of choice.

Some of these hobbies, of course, include cooking delicious Thai food inspired by her upbringing and a way of having a little bit of home with her always. Taking part in Crossfit has allowed Nid to enjoy some of her active hobbies, walking her dogs, running, road cycling, mountain biking and anything involving being and about in the countryside.

Growing up Nid was not very active and was severely bullied for being overweight. As a result, she hated Physical Education classes and had no interest in the sport of any kind. She became increasingly self-conscious and uncomfortable with her body image, this led to measures such diet pills and extremely restricted diets. None of her endeavours were successful though and depression was soon to follow.

Since joining MVMT42, however, Nid has made some incredible changes! She joined us in May last year and ever since has been continuously evolving into a fantastic athlete no longer concerned with body image but driven to be faster, stronger and to keep on improving on new skills. Squats are one of her favourite movements, being able to move impressive weight is empowering and forever building the peachy booty! Nid’s Crossfit goals for the year have a gymnastic flavour to them - Handstands, toes to bar and double under!! We have no doubt she will be smashing these soon.

Her next challenge is the Brighton half marathon on February the 25th. In preparation for the marathon, Nid has been taking part in Crossfit classes and also running on the road to building up her stamina and engine. Nid is raising money for the McMillan Cancer Trust. We are all very proud of her and give her huge support from us all. Nid’s next self-set challenge will be to complete her first cycling 100 miles Road Sportive. Which is no trivial feat! Covering events all across the UK, from tackling the testing inclines of the Surrey Hills in one, or staring into the wilderness of the Dartmoor wilderness in another. These cycles are not for the faint of heart and are often the true test of an athletes sheer willpower and endurance.

Nid has been a wonderful addition to our crew and in return, we have given her a place she can come to each day, be surrounded by encouraging familiar faces and feel fitter, stronger and more confident.


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