When do I need to see an Osteopath?

The quick answer: Anytime!

The more detailed answer will depend on you as an individual. Our bodies are always striving for health and balance and the activities we do on a day to day basis, along with how much sleep we get and what we feed ourselves, will affect how easily and effectively our bodies can maintain our health. Sometimes, we can take our body for granted, pushing it to the max, until we get an illness or injury, which we (usually) ignore until it’s unbearable, then need to find a health professional such as an osteopath to undo the damage we’ve done and make it better again.  

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Due to the nature of Osteopathy and the principle that our well-being is dependent on the functioning of our skeleton, muscles, ligaments and connective tissues; our treatments work with your body’s natural mechanism that strives for health, to enable it to maintain a balance when illness or injuries do come along as well as reducing the likelihood of injuries returning. We work with you to restore a state of balance within the body by using touch, physical manipulation, stretching, massage and a variety of techniques, and where possible without the use of invasive procedures such as surgery or drugs. 

How Osteopathy can help you…

If you have an injury

Whether it’s a niggle that you’ve had for 20 years or something that happened yesterday, an assessment will allow us to work out the best management and treatment to get you back to optimal health. Osteopaths are musculoskeletal specialists, which means they are experts in knowing what is going on in the body and what to do about it when it goes wrong. Our in-house Osteopathy clinic can help manage conditions such as asthma and migraines, and help treat sports injuries and repetitive work injuries, all through gentle hands-on manual therapy.

As an osteopath we will work with you as a whole, this is because your body is all connected, so don’t be surprised if you come in with an injured ankle and we look at your neck. Our aim is to find out WHY you got injured in the first place and deal with that, not just to rub the sore spot and see you again the same time next week when it’s still no better.

If you want to feel better day-to-day

Daily life, a stressful job, busy family commitments, an active sporting or fitness lifestyle can all take their toll on your body. An osteopathic treatment can help to maintain your body’s balance of health and wellness, reducing your likelihood of injuries and allowing you to keep getting the things you need to get done without worrying about being slowed down because of illness or injuries.

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