A Year In Review

Morning Athletes,

It’s almost time to close the door on 2018, before we do lets reflect on what a year it’s been for the community.

Firstly, thanks for all the support from our athletes. We, like you believe that the quality of our health reflects in the quality of our lives. We don’t take the responsibility look to us as your coaches to guide you through your fitness journey. To the members that have been with us for a while, thanks for the continued support. To the new athletes in our community, welcome. 2018 was a record year in athlete intake, an amazing achievement thanks to the effort of our coaching team and the kind words our community spreads about MVMT42.

2018 in review.

In 2018 we grew our ‘Private Coaching’ side of MVMT42, for athletes looking at individual goals outside a group class. We invested a lot into coaching development, added some new kit and opened up the timetable. We purchased a body scanner and it’s really helped visualise short terms goals for clients. Private Coaching has had a soft launch in 2018, but in January 2019 James and I are going to push out some great content and news around this.

Adam and Jo opened up CrossFit kids and are looking to expand the timetable already, including a teens program. Seeing young athletes learn our principles and enjoy fitness is very humbling.

Weightlifting grew, it was registered as a club with BWL and again we invested into coaching development in Olympic Weightlifting. The training room was given a fresh look too and personally is my favourite room to train in. The team grew, Adam joined back in the summer and has been a great addition. Sam has also recently joined as the Athlete Manger run the gym on a day by day basis. That free’s my time to focus on coaching and looking ahead to some of the bigger projects we have planned.

2018: What a year for MVMT42 representation. Our masters athletes Dean and Troy held the MVMT42 banner at European Masters Throwdown. Kat wore black and gold at The European Championships supported by a tribe of MVMT42 fans. Sarah & Helen smashed Rainhill Trials and loads of athletes represented in local competitions.

For most of our athletes, 2018 wasn’t about big competitions. Small but just as important goals like sustained lower body-fat, first pull ups, a 5K run, fixing back pain and enjoying fitness were achieved. Though your name may not be on the wall, as coaching we are very proud that our program and coaching along with your hard work has led to positive changes.

Looking Ahead


Going into 2019 we are going to be pushing an early Sussex Games, building for the CrossFit Open and supporting more athletes to more competitions. I really want to see a few athletes represent MVMT42 from the weightlifting club.

We are introducing new faces into the coaching team and hopefully opening up a new class if the community continues to grow. We talked about it in Q2, a performance cycling class is high up on our list. The gym is getting some upgrades (this never stops!) in terms of kit and decor.

Before we get caught up in the madness of January in the fitness industry, I wanted to personally thanks the coaches at MVMT42 for their hard work and continued passion. I think you agree, without these inspirational individuals MVMT42 wouldn’t be the amazing place it is today. Thanks Coaches, I may give you a hard time but we are truly thankful to have special crew in place. 2019 marks 5 years of James working with us, you would get a shorter sentence for serious crimes, so special thanks James for putting up with me.

Have an amazing Christmas with family and friends,

Many Thanks,

Nathan, Kat & Alex.

Smart Performance