Last Minute Christmas Ideas

Struggling for some last minute Christmas ideas for CrossFit friends and family? I’ve put together some different ideas based on what I personally use in the gym.

Coach Nathan


This is an amazing speed rope, the bearings in this baby are super smooth and help that rope spin fast. The combination of two cartridge ball bearings and one omnidirectional bearing in each handle gives seamless rotation - making your double unders feel smoother than ever.

This isn’t a cheap investment but buy right, buy once. Click HERE to view.


For a long time I was a Nike fan, always purchasing the Nike Metcons. After testing the new Nano 8’s side by side I’ve got to recommend these - especially if you have flat or wide feet.

Reebok also offer the nanos in MVMT42 colours, defiantly the best! Click HERE to buy.


It wouldn’t be right for me not to post one of our products! I’ve just got some new stash in, using the same great T-shirt material we had 2 generations back, but with a metallic screen print.

There is limited stock, but we have some variations, long sleeved, male and female T-shirt fits. Take a look through the stock and use the self service checkout.


You can get some great designs, but these socks are really comfy, the sport version wick sweat and CrossFit athletes love them.

I personally only train with stance socks, once I made the switch a cheap pair just doesn’t feel the same. Take a browse around the selection HERE.

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