Christmas Social


It’s almost time for that night again. The Christmas social…

This year we are being hosted by ‘The Old Bike Shop’ in central Worthing from 7pm-11pm. I’ve asked the bar to stock up on tequila and gin, warning them that last year we drank the last bar dry. After 11pm it’s up to you to keep the night going.

It’s a great night for the community to mix outside the gym, to get to know the community away from CrossFit, lifting and everything else we do here. Bring friends and family.

We will also be hosting our annual awards, the ‘MVMT’s’. If you are planning on coming to the social please fill in the form below, we will giving out awards on those that turn up!

Over the next week I’ll post up the Christmas open hours. Like I have always said, the coaching team are here every bank holiday, every Birthday and every weekend. So during the Christmas break we will be shutting the gym down for a few days. Unlike last year we will open up some extra times for ‘open gym’ where a coach will be on the gym floor and can help with some training ideas. I hope you agree, Christmas is about friends, family and time to unwind. My coaching team need a few days away before January!

Coach Nathan

Smart Performance