Our newest team member

Heya Athletes,

It’s our pleasure to introduce Sam, our newest team member at MVMT42.

Sam is a keen CrossFit athlete, he’s a young guy with some big potential. We have been working with Sam for a few months as a remote client and been really impressed with his work ethic. So much so we asked him to come onboard!

I’m firm in the belief that how you do anything is how you do everything, your attitude in the gym has a huge knock on effect in everyday life.

Sam has always worked in the fitness industry, in large corporate gyms locally. His role was to run the facility on a day to day basis. That’s exactly what we want him to do here. He will be at the front of house helping me with the admin part of the business, assist athletes find competitions, share testimonials, introduce new athletes to the community and just keep the cogs smooth.

Sam will also be bought up the ranks as a coach. It’s crazy to have a quality athlete stand behind the front desk all day.

We hope you welcome Sam into the community, it’s taken a while to find the right person but we are excited about this hire! You can read Sam’s bio HERE

Coach Nathan

Smart Performance