How to fight the flu this winter

It’s cold, dark and grey - the perfect weather for colds and flu viruses to flourish. While we can’t control meeting people who may be sick or coming into contact with viruses that are in the air, we can prepare our immune system to be as strong as possible to fight off the various viruses and minimise our risk of catching them.

Here are 4 ways to help fight the flu:


Fight The Flu

Lack of sleep makes us more prone to infection, your body needs quality rest to maintain a strong immune system. Ensure that you are getting enough sleep and that it is quality rest. There are more and more studies being published that support 7-8 hours of sleep each night for optimum health. Our moods can also affect our ability to fight off infections, the more stressed you feel the more likely you are become ill compared to when you are feeling happy and relaxed.


Staying hydrated is important when battling a cold as the water will flush out the toxins that have accumulated in your body as well as helping to clear the thicker mucus that may be building up as you start to get sick. Avoid detoxing when you are sick, the only true way to detox your body is through your kidneys, no exotic berries are going to detox you as well as water through your kidneys.  

Drink tea

Coffee acts as a diuretic which will quickly dehydrate you, so when you are feeling ill stay away from the coffee and switch to tea instead. A great alternative is green tea, packed with antioxidants it will help your body fight the flu.

Drink bone broth

Bone broth is a great remedy if you are fighting a cold or the flu. As well as being incredibly nourishing and nutritious, it is also densely packed with minerals that will help build your immune system. Add a touch of spice to your recipe to help thin the respiratory mucus so it's easier to expel.