Start 2018 with a personalised Body MOT & Fitness Check – now £80!

If you want to realise your athletic potential this year and start working towards a healthier lifestyle we have the perfect package for you. Our new ‘Body MOT & Fitness Check’ means you’ll start the new year with a structured plan, put together by one of our expert coaches and personalised to your own health and fitness goals. Plus, for January only, we are offering our ‘Body MOT & Fitness Check’ at the special price of £80!


Designed to help you reach your goals through a tailored plan this amazing package includes:

  • Initial consultation to discuss your fitness goals

  • Analysis profile to assess how your body moves and your flexibility levels

  • In-body scan to measure your body’s biometrics using our new state-of-the-art STYKU 3D body scanner

  • 3 Personal Training sessions designed for your body and your goals


Nothing is more inspiring than knowing exactly what you need to put in place to help you reach your goals. The ‘Body MOT & Fitness Check’ is the perfect way to kick-start 2018, allowing you to achieve your health and fitness goals and be the best version of yourself.


How will the Body MOT & Fitness Check benefit me?

  • You’ll receive a bespoke training plan, created by our expert coaches to help you achieve your fitness goals in a way that’s right for you.

  • Our full body analysis offers unique insight into your body and how it moves, which will further enhance your gym performance, allowing you to get the best out of your training.

  • By measuring your body’s biometrics such as fat percentage, muscle mass, fitness age, metabolic rate, hydration levels and bone mineral content we can assess your progress and help keep you on track with your fitness journey.

  • We can help you reach your fat loss goals by calculating the number of workouts you need to do alongside a nutritional programme. Plus, we can place your ‘new body’ on top of the ‘old’ one, so you can see exactly where the changes have occurred.

  • Your one-to-one Personal Training sessions will be designed for you; for your body and for your goals. We’ll go back to basics and help you learn the best techniques and movements for your body.

  • Throughout your time with us, you’ll receive expert advice from our coaches to guide and support you throughout your training and ultimately help you reach your fitness goal.


For further information on the ‘Body MOT & Fitness Check’ please click here.


Purchase your ‘Body MOT & Fitness Check’ package today at the special price of £80 and we will help you start 2018 the right way!