How to plan for new clients

independent Program Design is a bespoke service for athletes with specific goals. The process of any athlete signing up for IPD always the same. 

When brining on a new athlete for deign, there are three things to consider.

  • The client’s end goal
  • The client’s schedule
  • Your own capability as a coach

The information collected during a client’s initial consultation is the cornerstone of a good program design. In a consultation you’re looking to uncover:

  • The client’s requirements fro their specific goal
  • The client’s training age
  • The client’s genetic make-up
  • The client’s rate of adaption and history of adaptation 

After gathering this information we map a testing week, taking into account an athletes schedule and lifestyle. All internal athletes will have already completed a movement and mobility screening so we understand how then move around space before testing. 

Once testing week begins, all data is tracked and monitored through the latest software, videos are uploaded and commented on from the athlete and coach. Testing week is fairly similar across at athletes at MVMT42, this gives us benchmarks against previous performances between clients. The data is then read and a wire frame of the program is developed 

A program must be enough of what a client 'wants to do' vs 'what they need to do' - these tend to be two separate things. The program must then take into account as many variables outside the gym as possible, sleep, nutrition, lifestyle choices. Then finally it must take into account the variables of the athlete inside the gym, training age, ability, rate of adaptation etc. 

There is a lot of time poured into the introduction of new clients as each training program is unique, but once a plan is delivered ongoing support and feedback is given. As the athlete developed through the cycles of program, as must the program itself. 

We believe that each athlete has a unique goal, with a mixed of different variables in both the gym and at home. So a 'cookie cutter' PDF program downloaded from a website will never yield the same results as a bespoke program. If you agree, feel free to get in touch with our coaching team