Fay - My Nutrition Journey

I decided to sign up the MVMT42 nutrition program in May. I always thought I ate OK but it could be better and I needed help understanding when and how much to eat - I have never "dieted" and didn't know where to start.

Trolling the Internet for ideas just gave me conflicting information and I had no idea what would be best for me, I needed support to be able to ask questions when I had questions or I was stuck with what I should be eating for my breakfast! I also wanted something that wouldn't be a quick fix, a program that would see my eating habits change and stick. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 19.46.01.png

My initial goal was to loose body fat for a holiday in July, I wanted to look and feel good in a bikini, and then when I came home I decided switch from doing Crossfit to focus on Olympic Weightlifting. The nutrition program was able to offer me both, a program to look good and a program to help with performance and strength. 

With the help of the nutrition coach I was able to drop 4kg for my holiday going from 21% body fat to 13%! I also have never felt better, I am eating more frequently, I have more energy and I am sleeping much better. 

Now I am focused on strength and less about body composition the main change I have found is how quickly my body is recovering from training. I am now lifting heavy weights 5 times a week and able to hit consecutive days training with minimal muscle soreness. In the 8 weeks since starting weightlifting and being on a nutrition program for performance I have already added 5kg to my snatch and 7.5kg to my clean and jerk. 

What I have found most helpful is the support that is offered with the program, when I am unsure of something I ask A LOT of questions and I never felt like I was a burden to the team with all my emails! With the help of the nutrition community Facebook page I now have loads of recipes saved to turn to when I am stuck for meal ideas and the thought of meal prepping and planning doesn't scare me. The last few months have given me the confidence to go ahead on my nutrition journey alone, I feel educated to make good decisions when it comes to eating out and social situations and I now do not mind spending time planning my weeks eating and making up recipes to fit macros.

To get set up with your own personalised nutrition program ideal for your goals and lifestyle contact our nutrition coach