Why didn't we install a commercial gym?

Our industry is full of quick fixes, fads and crash diets. Members join a gym through a promise of free or cheap membership. They believe that this will lead them in a better direction to achieve their fitness goals.

When MVMT42 was created, we established two arms of the business. A coached side that included our strength and conditioning program and Individual Program Design. 

The original idea was to install a commercial gym too, the same you find in every other gym across sussex. But, as a professional coach and a co-founder, it was painful to showcase our amazing facility, talk about the great programs, introduce our team of coaches that include Osteopaths, world record holders, professional athletes and nutritionists. Then explain that there is 2 options, one is to fully immerse yourself in our community, our training philosophy and team OR choose not to.

For a cheaper price you can walk past everything that is great about our business and go run on a treadmill by yourself.


It is just simply what we are against.

We already know that putting a ‘commercial gym’ in will just breed the same miserable environment every other gym has. People on headphones ignoring each other, bad form, bench press Mondays and ultimately a lack of focus that leads to low retention rates as members simply bounce to the next place.

So Alex, Kat and I have decided not to open up a ‘commercial gym’, but instead install some of the best training equipment in the UK into the facility for clients to use under the guidance of our coaching team.

That’s where Individual Program Design comes in. (IPD). The idea that a coach here at MVMT42 has the mission, the sole focus to tailor a program and give all the support needed for you to reach your fitness goal.

Each clients programming is bespoke, the program is written directly each week for the clients needs, fits around their lifestyle and is constantly tracked. Each month we sit down or call for a review, giving lifestyle advice, training advice and answer any questions around performance. Even to the point a coach is walking around the IPD parts of the business coaching each individual based exclusively on their program that day.

It’s a cost effective way for members to get the full, undivided attention of a coach without having to pay per hour for personal training. 

So, the parts of the gym that are yet to open are in their final stages. There is a fully equipped gym, with plate loaded machines, free weights and a functional fitness area (already open) ready to be installed. But, there is no 'globo gym' membership option. This is for those that choose to have a bespoke program tailored toward their goals, with undivided, unlimited, individual support from a qualified coach here at MVMT42.


There are loads of budget gyms to swan around in string vests, or take selfies, or just simply pay for in January and never turn up for. We are not that. We are a premium, dedicated, coached only performance facility.