25 Reasons you are not making progress

Ok. You go to the gym. You have been following a fitness program. You eat healthy or choose "healthier" options and yet the weight is not coming off. You feel frustrated and feel like giving up because nothing you do seems to be working! 

I think we all have been there. I know have! 

Let's have a look. 

1. You only do cardio 

2. You don't do cardio

3. You don't drink enough water 

4. You are only half on a diet 

5. You are not keeping track of what you are eating 

6. You are eating too many calories 

7. You don't eat enough 

8. You don't eat enough protein 

9. You don't sleep enough 

10. You don't lift weights 

11. You are over eating healthy foods

12. You leave out entire food groups which results in a nutritional deficiency 

13. You don't eat enough vegetables

14. You eat too fast 

15. You don't practice portion control 

16. You starve yourself 

17. You are stressed 

18. You are always eating out

19. You are focusing too much on dieting 

20. You are not eating mindfully 

21. You are binge eating 

22. You are drinking too much alcohol 

23. You don't have a plan 

24. You exercise too much and eat too little 

25. You are doing your post-workout nutrition wrong 

26. You are not patient enough 

OK, I know it says 25 but the last one is a bonus for you :)

So how many of these apply to you? How are you going to change your habits and make sure all your hard work in the gym is paying off? 

Contact us with any questions you may have about your training or nutrition and let's make sure none of these reasons apply to you!