Spring clean your diet!

Feel like you have some extra winter layers on? We want you to know, how to feel good from your head to your tomatoes!


Warm weather has finally arrived and you are now getting ready for the summer holidays.

You might be noticing how your clothes fit a bit differently than last year and want to start making some changes.

You want to begin creating a healthy lifestyle, so you decide to give this macro thing a go – you have heard your nutritionist promoting it. Next step is to get some support getting your macro-nutrient profile completed. This is a lot of numbers to track but there are some tools available which can help to simplify your nutrition.

"My Fitness Pal"

Tracking your nutrition is not as hard or time consuming as you would think. An easy to use tool on your smart phone, is "My Fitness Pal" . It is capable of doing your macro-nutrient profile for you. It will, however, have errors and inaccuracies as it cannot take into consideration the style of training you do, how much you eat now versus the gap of where you should be to hit your goals or lifestyle factors (like work stress, amount of sleep you get or alcohol consumption).

The first steps

The best step would be to speak to your Nutritionist (Kat) to work out what your calories or total intake should be.

Kat can do the hard work for you by finding out what you need as an individual to hit your goals. Once you have those, you can go into your My Fitness Pal account, under ‘settings’ you can change your meal names and add up to 6 ‘meals’ per day. 

So if you like to eat 3 meals and 3 snacks you might label your meals as:

Next, you can go to your dashboard and begin entering the foods that you ate that day.  Entering a typical breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in the relevant sections will help you see what you need to change in order to hit your goals. Most of us are creatures of habit, so you can compare your norm to the nutrition plan you have been given.


Fail to plan, Plan to fail!

So this is where preparation comes into play.

The best way to ensure you are successful in hitting your targeted numbers is to plan your day ahead.

Knowing what you like to eat and drink, tweaking amounts, taking into consideration social drinks or just adding later after the fact will all help you stay on track.

Trying to "wing it" will likely end up with too much of the wrong foods and too little of the right foods. Enter what you know works in the beginning of the day and stick to your set plan.

If you consistently train hard or compete in a sport, nutrient timing is important. This means you eat at certain times of the day based on your workout time. 

For beginners, just getting the right volume of food in is a great place to start and build consistency. 


What to eat?

The chart below will help give you some scope on where your nutrition can overlap on certain macro-nutrients (proteins, fats and carbs).

Most of us do not distinguish between an egg counting for fats and protein, but if you want to geek out, this breaks down examples of how food can overlap.

This is not a complete list, but it will give you a head start in planning your meals.

Should you want structure or guidance in grocery shopping, meal prepping or planning, best foods for your body type or goals, speak with Kat, can provide you with a personalised nutrition plan with all the education and guidance you will need.

Best Regards,