3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Nutrition Coach

Hiring a coach can be a big decision and for some of us a big investment. Sometimes, even those who teach and motivate others for a living need a coach too!

Even a nutrition coach may sometimes need a nutrition coach, much like a personal trainer may need their own trainer and specialised coach. In such cases it wouldn't be so much for the knowledge, but for support and accountability. 

You don't hire a nutrition coach for the rest of your life. You might if you have buckets of money to spare but generally it is not sustainable long term.

Maybe you're seeking a lifetime change or you have tried every single diet out there but bounced back to your old habits. Maybe you are confused about what "Mr. Google" has to say about what is good and what is bad and what are the most fat burning foods. Maybe you are torn between one article that says why intermittent fasting is good and straight after you click on the link that says "never skip breakfast".

Who is supposed to process all this confusing amount of information and decide what is right and what is wrong? Maybe we all just need a little bit of straight forward knowledge we can trust. 

If you have been considering hiring a nutrition coach or even a personal trainer, but are not sure if you should take the plunge, read on and find out my top 3 reasons why hiring a pro to help you reach your goals is totally worth your money.



I used to work in a coffee shop surrounded by all the cakes, muffins, crisps and all you can think of that a lovely coffee shop could sell you to make you come back for more.

I would get customers who would ask for a large latte with skinny milk, 4 pumps of sugar free gingerbread syrup and chocolate sprinkles on top with a comment that they are on a diet and trying to cut out fat.

So many times I wanted to shout at them and tell them that skinny milk (that is full of sugar to make up for the taste because of the lack of fat) and sugar free syrup is not the way to go.

There was a lady who asked me for a tea cake but we only had a fruity scone. She replied back she wouldn’t have a scone because she is trying to cut the fat out, but she would have a tea cake. You know what she reached for in the end? A bag of crisps! Yet she thought she was cutting the fat out in her diet. 

"I know how to eat healthy"

No, you think you know how to eat healthy.

With the help of a nutrition coach you can learn a lot. You get support and information, combined with the knowledge of your coach, that is needed to help direct you in the right way.

You will need your initiative too, along with a desire to learn and get better at nutrition that improves your health and overall wellbeing. I personally wouldn't recommend a large skinny latte with sugar free syrup. Well, maybe occasionally. At the end it is all about a good balance:)



When you are first starting out with a big life style change, sometimes the hardest part is sticking to the changes for more than a couple of weeks. This is why short-term challenges, like the 30-day paleo challenge, are so popular. But what about after those 30 days? 

Some people are great at self-motivating, whereas others need a little bit more help, support and drive. Having a friend or a family member as someone you are accountable to is a great, inexpensive way to stay motivated. It can, however, be hard to rely on someone who doesn't have the time or expertise to help you stay on track. 

That is why hiring a coach is a great option. Sure, you need to pay her or him to help you but, trust me, we as coaches genuinely care about your ability to reach your goals. Seeing you succeed means reaching our goals. 

When you hire a coach, you might find yourself making better choices. Not necessarily because you want to please your coach, but because you want to make your investment worth it by making better choices in diet and life in general. 

You can tell your coach about all your ups and downs regarding food as well as life. We are here to help you and support as much as we can, as long as you give us a chance and open up to us. It is a relationship without arguing. Who doesn't dream of that? 


I am sure you are very familiar with the word "commitment". You hear it everywhere you go: commit to your new diet, commit to the 30 day paleo challenge, commit to your new workout regimen. But what does this word mean? 

It means to step up your game and take yourself seriously. Achieving goals requires action. Not just a single act but a CONSISTENT COMMITMENT to what needs to be done, even when it is uncomfortable. Be tough, be stubborn, make sure that you are 100% on board and willing to do what it takes to change. 

Making the choice to invest in yourself is a powerful and clear signal that you are ready and willing to commit to your goal. Investing into a coach is an investment in yourself. This way you are making a statement that you are ready to commit to success. 

Your coach is ready to help you take this commitment and turn it into actions. Ultimately though, you have to hold yourself accountable to your commitments. If you are not dedicated to doing what it takes, you are not ready for the success you desire. 



Have a look at our nutrition services. There are few options to choose from and I am sure there is something that will suit your needs. 

For any questions you may have or for more information please contact our nutrition coach