Training With Team GB and MVMT42

We asked Katie, one of our new members here at MVMT42 a few questions about her amazing sporting background and how MVMT42 has helped in her build-up to represent Team GB.

I currently represent Team GB in shooting and am aiming to get to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. I will also be representing England at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in April).

Shooting is definitely one of the fewer sports that isn't about physical exertion but rather about physical control and skill. So, you don't necessarily have to be ripped and really strong, but you do need to have good proprioception and control.


I have previously worked with a S&C (strength and conditioning) coach on sport specific exercises. Generally, core/trunk & balance focused but I've really enjoyed training at MVTM42!

Both staff and members all were really friendly, which is cool for someone like me who is a bit shy. 

In every class I have been in, the coach has always emphasised how important technique is. Yes, you need to push yourself in workouts but firstly and most importantly you need to have the technique & movement patterns down. I think the MVMT42 coaches get that message across well. During classes the coaches are great on giving technique pointers.

For me, that is a really valuable asset to have, rather than someone just shouting at you to go for it. Competing at a high level in my particular sport I need to be wary of injury and make sure I am getting activation in the right muscles. 

There is a great range of equipment at MVMT42 and also a good range of class times and types. I think the mobility classes are a great idea. It’s also cool to have other options like

personal coaching, nutrition and physio available as well. The gym has a really welcoming feel.

The month has gone by so fast! I spent a fair amount of training through CrossFit over August though and it was fab.

August was my month off training and I wanted to do something a little bit different and push myself. I think CrossFit has definitely improved both my aerobic engine and strength.

Having good cardio really helps with shooting, in bringing your heart rate down. The added strength improves my positional control and again, improving on specific muscle activation is also really useful.

If you are interested in personal programming or coaching, get in touch with our team!