"I’ve just signed up to MVMT42" - Louise

I’ve just signed up to MVMT42 (I also learnt you say it as “Movement forty-two” not “M.V.M.T.4.2”) who are a local gym in Findon, West Sussex that also does CrossFit (amongst a few other things!) You start by going through three ‘element’ sessions, so that the instructors can assess how you move, you can discuss what areas of your body / fitness / lifestyle you wish to change and it’s just a generally pleasant, good way to softly introduce you to the MVMT42 way of things… 

My thoughts… (please note these are my personal opinions and experience.)

Amazing feeling from the gym from when you first walk in. It’s so different to the usual bright lights and large mirrors in other gyms, showing your sweaty chubby form!

I love the rustic warm feeling! Everyone was chatty and making jokes with me - I had quickly grabbed a very small water bottle from my kitchen and one of the guys was laughing, asking if it was condensed as I would definitely need more than that - next time it will be a large bottle; perhaps even a litre bottle of water!!)

I met Porter the dog who belongs to one of the co-owners Nathan and his lovely wife Kat (Alex is the other co-owner FYI), Porter had a place on the website under team members if you want to check him out! Like his owners, instructors and members, he is super friendly and very well behaved!

I got a fist pump for joining from the nice muscle man that I believe is a regular (I'm sorry, but I can't remember your name) but I know he's deadlifting 210kg - I did 25kg tonight! Ha ha! But it's cool, I felt like it was a huge achievement for me as we worked on my form – which I hadn’t realised was quite so bad. My instructor for the first session was one of the owners, Nathan Hearne and he instantly made me feel relaxed and I really enjoyed myself.

If you're the type who feels the nerves, then genuinely - there's no need to worry! The culture is like nothing else I've experienced before. I've been a member of Virgin and Fit 4 and am still a member of David Lloyd (just to make sure that CrossFit is right for me, I don’t know much about CrossFit yet, but I know its hardcore), and I can honestly say that I loved it. 

Other gyms I’ve been too are not very welcoming (the PT's are if you book a 121 session) but people in general just go in and keep their heads down, have a work out with their music on and if you're lucky you may get a smile from some of the regulars.


Anyway, back to the MVMT42 gym…

So, on the night, I had a review where I was told how I move; how I stand (with slightly slumped shoulders, tight calves from heels at work and a tight lower back as I sit down all day!)

I did know this, as I have to go regularly for a sports massage but was also told that my ankle along the front (excuse me for my lack in correct terminology!!) is tight and was given exercises to release the tightness. I was also told I have prolapsed arches in my feet which again I did know, but only because I ran the London marathon (which was amazing) 6 years ago (I am nowhere near that level of fitness these days) and had visited the footwear shop Run, in Worthing who specialise in your run / gait analysis etc. Shout out to them, they are awesome!

I was also told which exercises would counter all my ailments and honestly for me, that is worth its weight in gold! (Excuse the pun). How amazing is that, that from one assessment, from one place, from one man, I was told about all these areas that are an issue, and that can be resolved. Very impressive indeed.

The first session focused more on technique and assessment than an actual workout and I’m pleased to say it was easy, and acted as a good intro. We worked on deadlifts, barbell squats and then tested my pace on the rowing machine. By the way, my ‘easy’ is not coming out dripping in sweat, but I was told this comes in good time, and I'm really looking forward to my next session.

You can roughly gauge my fitness level from the fact that I do like the gym, I like running, and I like achieving results, but I have not really been doing any of this lately. I had been telling myself that because of running my own business, looking after my 2.5 year old daughter, trying to be a good wife and friend, and due to my busy (but very fun) social life - I'm tired, but I'm intelligent enough to know that sometimes this is just an excuse and that if I want results I need to change something! From the first session I am really excited! Working with a coach, I feel excited about the changes to come. I know hard work will obviously come into the equation but I am ready!