Findon Update

The Build

So, its been nine months and we are finally coming to the end of the building work. the site is nearly finished and you’ll start to see some final touches. 

I’m pleased to say the showers will be completed by the 22nd January

 and ready for all the commuters! Branding is being designed at the moment, so the site will look even funkier in the next month or so. 

A couple of additions we have decided to add on member feedback: 

Heating will be installed in the CrossFit room, IPD room, mobility room and of course the most needed place, the changing rooms! 

We will also be installing an Infra-red sauna next to the shower rooms, this will be in place by end of March. Look out for an email on why these are so good over conventional saunas. 

We’ve looked to make the main room next to reception nice and cozy. A place to relax, talk, have a coffee with friends.

Goal Setting

With the new year brings about new opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and achieve those goals that have been set aside for too long!

Whether your goals are to compete, improve performance, smash some new personal bests or even curious of your athletic potential, our coaches are here to help you every step of the way!

To ensure you are the right track to achieving your goals get into contact with our coaching team and have your own personalised program designed. 


It has been great to see a growing interest in our Olympic Weightlifting classes! With a focus on improving technique and perfecting mechanics it has been a welcoming challenge to many of members. Under the supervision of an expert coach and regular testing results are guaranteed!

The energy in our CrossFit classes is higher than it ever has been and continues to grow! With many of members hitting new personal bests and some achieving a level they once thought impossible! With programming that is progressive yet constantly varied it will keep you coming back for more


The design

Below is a picture that sums up the image we are looking to create throughout the site. 



Thank you for your continued support during this move. We appreciate it is not easy during this transition stage but know that we will have a great facility that’ll be worth the wait!

We look forward to coaching you next week - the programming was written by Coach James this week, have fun! 


Coach Nathan

Smart Performance