Why Women are falling in love with CrossFit

For so many of us, we stumbled into CrossFit not knowing what it was or if it was something we would be able to do. Others of us were encouraged to give it a go by a friend who thought it was fun! Either way, most of us were at a point where we didn’t enjoy pursuing fitness anymore OR were not achieving our goals. No one likes to feel like a failure or waste time doing something they no longer enjoy.

So what did we do? Women gave CrossFit a go!

Here is what they found out!

CrossFit embodies health and hard work, redefining fitness and beauty for women.

For the first time we are educated and coached on what to do and how to do it. When training for fitness it was a mine field trying to make our own workouts up that provided variety, methodology and produced results. We couldn’t cope with running a family and having a job then come to the gym and knowing exactly what we should be doing.

CrossFit has introduced a group setting in which women can be one anothers cheerleaders.
How often did we walk into a commercial gym where we felt everyone glared at us or even judged? In CrossFit, the women in the gym are there to pick you up, not put you down!

The experience is different because women begin to have their confidence replaced by their new found abilities. This intrinsically shapes our lives/bodies/relationships because we have found value in ourselves through our efforts. We no longer have to constantly measure our worth or happiness by a scale!

Now we have the community of CrossFit encouraging us to become better by improving our minds, trying new things and acquiring new skills that are fun to pursue! CrossFit injects a sense of strength and power that carries through to all aspects of life.

The journey is different for everybody and everybody is different!

Many women come in looking for an “end point” or “ideal” to be met but it’s clear that our goals are forever evolving. As we become fitter and achieve our goals we become hungry to aspire for greater things. No longer is it a matter of looking good naked but rather accomplishments of new skills or moving better than the class before!

This new culture has been created for women, by women, who experienced not feeling healthy, fit, welcome, good enough or just not challenged. It has been replaced with high-fives, fist bumps and cheers as we remove ourselves from our comfort zones.

We no longer cling to our old limitations or barriers, instead our stay at home mums and tired office workers become empowered Wonder Women. You are now part of a community where average does not exist and you are supported by a network of people who want to see you succeed!

what are your goals?

Most of us are fairly busy, under motivated or unsure why we have been unsuccessful in the gym. The truth is, effort without support or guidance might not be enough. That is when the environment becomes even more important, when we want to take steps forward.

Our community is geared with the sole focus of you hitting your fitness goals and then progressing to do bigger and better things!

Our fitness community keeps you:
- Accountable
- Engaged
- Challenged
- Empowered.

We operate in a team environment, you are no longer limited by your current fitness, you are now part of something bigger and better, which is why you will see results much faster!

What is it like being a female Coach and CrossFitter?

Personally, I had an athletic background from the time I was small and continued into University. Playing soccer, baseball and cheerleading kept me happy, healthy and active for many years.

After I graduated from school I went to a commercial gym for my fitness and I quickly became bored and was no longer getting the results I wanted. At first I thought it was just part of getting older (that was really just an excuse I told myself), I wasn’t training with the same enthusiasm or intensity. I also lacked a coach telling me what to do and how to do it and for how long.

I felt genuinely stuck in a rut… but I was ready to do anything that made me fitter! I was told by a friend about a thing called CrossFit, it was done in a team - environment, was hard work with quick results….I was sold! Who doesn’t love getting what you work for? It didn’t take long for me to make friends, look forward to working out and develop new skills. I was being challenged daily to try new things, I watched my body change and I became more confident as a person.

After getting such a wonderful experience for a few years, I decided it was my turn to give back to the CrossFit community!

I left the comfort of my previous career in law and sought out to start my own community in Smart Performance. I now have the privilege of changing the lives of others, beginning in their mind and later manifesting in an outward change — I now spend my days in a contagious environment of driven individuals. My hope is that whoever is reading this is ready to not only make a shift in their health, but wants to be a part of a fitness community that is constantly helping others achieve what they did not think was possible.

If you want to be a part of a fitness journey you enjoy, this might be what you were searching for too!