The process of looking good naked!

NOT the lifestyle you think it is..

Most of us understand a certain level of sacrifice is necessary as part of the journey when you set your mind on a weight gain or loss goal. If strength is your focus, you ascetics takes a back seat — some make getting beach body ready their focus, in this case your performance is likely to take a hit.

A lot of people kill themselves trying to achieve both, and then wonder why they become average at everything. Part of that is because they are not realistic when setting their goals. They are not willing to change their lifestyle and they believe there is a magic pill! If I eat less and train my ass off.. I can look like that man or that woman!
Our culture is one of “instant gratification” and we end up not applying the common logic. The belief is that “toning up” or “getting fit” should not be uncomfortable or that it can be achieved and sustained all year round. Realistically, neither of these is the case.
The sports models or athletes most of us see images of have seasons. This means that they have times where they are doing damage control for their hormones and other times when they were lean and cutting. They know that cutting is not sustainable all year round or they run the risk of permanent damage to their hormones and body.

Something that is critical to think about when attempting to go through a season of cutting is that it is only temporary!! Dieting with the intention to lose weight is not sustainable, nor should it be!

You are putting your body into deprivation and this is not physically or socially an enjoyable phase. If your goal is important to you, you are already aware there will be a great deal of sacrifice associated with this journey.
 The most successful clients are those who stick to their nutrition for a minimum of 3–6 months and allow their body to acclimatize to their new lifestyle. These periods seem like forever but you did not gain weight in a few weeks and it is not going to disappear faster than you put it on!
 This is about achieving your goal and getting the results. Once you have managed to make this apart of your lifestyle and achieve your goal you can look at maintenance nutrition. You never want to constantly be trying to lose weight.

Hit your target and look to find balance in your life. If you fancy a curry, wine with dinner or desert once in a while.. so be it. Those who try to indulge in little cheats here and there throughout the process tend to loss much of their potential results in cutting weight. To top it off, they also prolong the overall phase of weight loss, endure more stress and it taking longer to achieve their goals.

Are you ready to make changes?

Do your goals align with what you are willing to change?

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