Metabolic Damage

Tried everything and still cannot lose weight?


Ever been on a crash diet, been successful and then you have ended up back to square one? Fast forward, you in a years time and want to lose weight. This time you did the same diet plan and cannot change your shape? Even went to a more extreme version of your first successful diet?

Chances are you have created some metabolic damage. Your body can be starved into loosing weight once, but not twice. It is constantly striving for health and will not let you harm yourself. At this point, it doesn’t trust you to give it what it needs and so it will continue to store all nutrients as body fat. This is it’s back up system for when you go into starvation mode or “diet” for holidays.

For others who have not had the fad crash diets for quick weight loss, you might just be calculating your energy balance incorrectly. If you eat more than you use in energy (IE have an office job), you have a surplus in calories going unused and therefore become stored.

Several reasons why you might have trouble tracking calories:

  1. Labels on packaged foods are 20–25% wrong — the government and food companies do not have precise methods for coming up with nutrient content and can be varied from batch to batch!
  2. The nutrients and energy in the food are not necessarily what we absorb, digest or use. We absorb less energy from non processed or low processed foods and therefore do not store them on our bodies. Highly processed foods are more digestible (the work is already done for you!) More processed foods are either fried, cooked or heated before eating.. making it much more available for us to digest and store. Where as raw foods and more natural foods are not so bio-available and slower to digest and are not stored in our fat cells.

4 things to consider how much energy is right for you:

  1. Resting Metabolic Rate
  2. Thermic affect of eating
  3. Physical activity
  4. Non-exercise activity thermogenesis

These can determined by your nutritionist! So if you have questions, make sure to reach out and get yourself on the right path to achieving your goals! Contact our nutrition coach who can help you design a nutrition plan fit for your needs and lifestyle.

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